1. Applications and Industry: Electrostatic precipitation, Separation and Sorting, Powder Coating, Displays and Printing Technology, Biological Applications, Electrostatic manipulation of particles, droplets and biological cells, electrophoresis, dielectrophoresis and electrorotation, MEMS, Electrofluidisation, Aeronautics, Space & Automobile, Electrostatic handling in Industry, High Voltage electrostatic related measurements, problems and applications, HVDC.
  2. ESD: Static Electricity control in electronics industry, Factory level ESD considerations, EMI due to ESD, Corona and Gas Discharge, Dielectric breakdown, Cleanroom electrostatics, ESD waveforms..
  3. Fundamentals: Modelling, Contact, frictional, induction, conduction and corona charging, Atmospheric electricity, Adhesion, Charged particle physics.
  4. Hazards: Static elimination, Ignition tests, Risk assessment, Electrostatic hazards and problems in industry, Lightning protection.
  5. Liquids: Double layer charging, Electrostatic atomization, Electrohydrodynamics, Corona generated secondary electrohydrodynamic flow. Boundary layer control. Electrohydrodynamic pumping, Electro-rheology, Electrospinning and electrospraying, DC and AC Electroosmosis. Electrowetting, Applications including materials processing, thermal management, and flow control).
  6. Solid and Powders: Electrostatic dissipative materials, Textiles, Electrets, Charging of powders and solids, Charge injection and space charge in dielectrics, Nanomaterials, Nanofibers, Aerosols, Packaging.
  7. Gases: Corona and dielectric barrier discharges. Electrical breakdown. Applications  of  plasma  technologies, including  environmental remediation of gas and liquid streams. Electrostatic discharges from charged surfaces – fundamentals, prevention, safety issues. Electrostatic phenomena in atmospheres, including lightning.
  8. Measuring Techniques: Electrostatic instrumentation, Electrostatic sensors, Novel measurement methods.
  9. Standards: New standards, Research for new standards methods and procedures, Round-Robin tests.
  10. History of Electrostatics.